Why Invisalign Is Better Than Traditional Metal Braces

Have you always wanted to straighten your crooked teeth for so long? Have you been holding back from achieving this dream because of the awkward look of metal braces?

With affordable Invisalign braces, you can now reach your goal of having straight teeth! As a matter of fact, there are several notable reasons why Invisalign is a better option compared to traditional braces for some people.

The Key Benefits Of Invisalign Over Traditional Metal Braces

Enhanced Look

For patients in need of dental correction treatment, the look of metal braces has always been one of the primary concerns. Apart from the fact that they are clunky, they also induce self-consciousness in their wearers.

Metal braces can reduce people’s self-confidence, affect self-esteem, and make wearers feel somehow embarrassed in social gatherings. No one likes to experience these feelings.

This is a major concern for pediatric patients who are mocked and called “metal mouth” by their colleagues. But with clear Invisalign aligners, you can escape the schoolground teasing.

Less athletic restrictions

Avid sports players usually tend to stay away from metal braces. They are worried about the hurt and damage that can occur if they take a blow to the mouth and causing damage to traditional braces.

Particularly, people who play baseball, soccer, and football are at higher risk of severe metal braces damage.

However, with Invisalign, you can be more relaxed. You can take out your aligners during game time or practice, safely keep them in their cases, and put them back on when you’re done with the game.

Freedom to eat what you like

You’re forbidden from eating foods such as bagels, taffy, popcorn, pretzels, hard candy etc. when using metal braces. Our expert dental care providers recommend that you limit these sugary foods to maintain adequate oral hygiene and overall wellbeing.

However, we also understand how tempting the urge can be to indulge in sweets every once in a while, and the truth is that these foods can not be completely avoided.

As a matter of fact, apples and pears among other healthy snacks can be hard to bite into and chew with metal braces. It usually appears like a punishment whenever we give patients lists of foods that they should avoid.

However, with Invisalign, all of those foods are nothing to worry about anymore. After all, there’ll be no need to be concerned that they can cause damaged brackets or cause broken wires.

With Invisalign, all you have to do is remove the aligners when you want to eat, brush your teeth after eating, and then return your aligners.

Better oral hygiene

Unfortunately, people usually have their metal braces removed only to realise that there are stains around where the rims of the brackets are. Some others find that they have developed cavities or gums that seem to be dark or red.

Indeed, it can be awkward to floss and brush around the tangle of braces wires. It’s difficult to weave in and out braces in a bid to keep up with routine cleaning.

In addition to the oral sensitivity and the tender feeling that stems from the metal braces, this is a sure disaster in progress.

Since you remove the Invisalign aligners while you whiten, floss, and even brush your teeth, you will have no case of improper oral hygiene throughout your dental treatments.

Reduced discomfort

Most people usually experience discomfort with metal braces. Since the brackets are elevated, they cause sores, scrapes, or even rubbing on the insides of the cheeks of the mouth. Also, the wires can become loose and cut or poke the inside of the lips.

Nonetheless, all of these indicate just one thing: discomfort! Although you can make use of dental pain relief medications to numb the uncomfortable feeling or waxes to hinder the bracket from having direct contact with your mouth, they are both however very temporary relief methods. You are right back to the oral pain within one hour or two.

This cycle of discomfort is broken with Invisalign. There are practically no wires, brackets, or other metal components. They are crafted from transparent, smooth plastic and are comfortable and lightweight.

Experience better self-esteem

Perhaps, the most crucial advantage of getting Invisalign is that it quickly helps patients to develop better self-esteem about themselves.

After all, you will feel great when you look great. As we mentioned earlier, Invisalign provides a better outlook compared to metal braces.

However, this appearance is not limited to only the physical look of the dental appliance. We are talking about that element of self-confidence that gives you the glow that elevates you from the inside. 

In as little as six months, some patients with Invisalign will begin to observe their teeth adjust into position. Noticing the results so fast boosts self-esteem in a way that cannot be described. It gives patients a reason to feel awesome and look amazing at all times.

Have you been searching for a suitable teeth straighteneing option? Now you know that metal braces is not the only option available for you. Thanks to nearly invisible aligners, you can receive a new level of dental alignment without the limitations. Contact us at London Braces for the best Invisalign braces near me.

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