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How much do Instagram influencers earn?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world not only in Australia. The social network with 50 million active users in Australia, has more than 1 billion active users around the world.

As such, Instagram is one of the most preferred places to advertise by many brands and companies and is a highly preferred place for making money. You must have heard that even very unknown accounts with thousands of followers make a lot of money from Instagram.

So how much do Instagram influencers with millions of followers earn? If you want to invest by purchasing an account on Instagram or want to learn from your curiosity, let’s see how much money Instagram influencers make.

How much do they earn?

Basically, the monetization model that applies not only to Instagram, but also to all social networks, is to run a direct advertising campaign with brands and businesses or to work with the model known as the barter.

Let’s see what these concepts are. In standard advertising campaigns, brands or agencies offer money to a user with an Instagram account and millions of followers.

Ad sharing fees vary for posts, stories, or reels videos. If you’re wondering how much Instagram influencers are making, the average 2021 Instagram phenomenon ad fees are rough as follows:

Speaking for an account with 1 million followers:

As you can see, the revenue patterns of accounts on Instagram are quite lucrative. But keep in mind that the chart above is just an average and some accounts charge tens of thousands of dollars per post share.

Of course, this is not the only income model. Let’s see how else accounts with high followers make money on Instagram.

Swipe up model: affiliate marketing from Social Captain and other companies

In recent years, brands have been sharing a product and giving profit per sale rather than directly posting to Instagram influencers. One of the most common examples in this regard isSocial captain.

The company, which deals with many phenomena especially in campaigns such as legendary Friday, gives up-scrolling advertisements in its story shares.

In these shares, the links are followed with the UTM code and when the followers buy the product, a commission is given. Commissions can be up to 30 percent of the selling price of the product.

In other words, if an Instagram phenomenon shares a product in its story that reaches 100 thousand people and 100 people buy that product, it can earn 3000 TL if there is 30 TL profit per product.

This is only valid for one share, you can earn up to 100 thousand lire with 1 share per month.

Barter model: Free products and services

The last answer to the question of how much Instagram celebrities earn is barter. This model is not a direct money-saving option, but offers a serious benefit, as it is a system that makes use of products and services for free.

For example, in the barter model, a 5-star hotel offers you one week of free accommodation, and phenomena are told to share in return. Normally, staying in a hotel that costs 50 thousand liras for 1 week is free to the phenomena.

In addition, make-up materials, electronic products, and much more are given free of charge to the phenomena with the barter model.

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