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What the best ideal opportunity to post on Instagram in 2021?

Instagram is a social network that has 800 million users; the most incredible thing is that every day more and more users appear who access this app. For this reason, followers to get a public account a good option.


What many don’t know is that in addition to having good content, there are special times for publishing publications and good responses to each publication. 

That’s why today we are going to show you is the best time to post on Instagram in 2021. See also why Instagram stories benefit businesses.

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Why 2021?

2021 was a great year for all the influencers, there were many trends that were used to increase the number of followers they had and surprisingly they got it, but it was not just based on trends or content, but the exact moment in which they uploaded this content.

More than half of the users of this app log in every day to check their profiles and view the contents of the accounts, while there is a special time that many often enter this app.

The latter is the Schedule app that was created for Instagram in which it analyzed more than 60,000,000 publications, thus allowing the company to have a specific amount of data in the number of daily publications, as well as the timing and good days of each. 

2021 is the best time to post on Instagram

After a long review it was determined that there are many hours where users are much more active, this allows account owners the ability to upload content and expect a more comprehensive response.

The hour in which the publication brings the best results:

11:00 am 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

This table seems to be used a lot by users Instagram Anyway; this table may change a bit depending on the location and weather where you are.

The rest of the table can be taken as a “dead hour” but it does not eliminate the option to get a good flow of users interacting with your publications during that time. Note that not everyone runs at the same time and there is always a set time to connect for a while.

Great days for posting on Instagram

Another good factor to consider is to know what the best days to make good publications are. Note that there are some days that they are not as active as others, so knowing the most active days will be necessary to improve the response to your publication.

The best days to upload your publications are from Tuesday to Friday. It looks tempting on weekends but people use these days to relax, go for a walk or do something at home.

Mondays, on the other hand, are lazy days, for some reason many take this day as a delay after bed, however since Tuesday most people have been active.

Why do we depend on 2021?

We rely on 2021 as this New Year has just begun, so we may not have a clear idea of ​​when to publish this year, while the data has given you before it serves as a reference for this New Year.

You can start using the same program and the same days, create an experiment pattern and publish and track the responses that your followers can make with each of your publications; at the end of January it leads you to the conclusion that you can use it as a guide for other months.

What can we expect for the 2021 schedule and days?

Unfortunately, knowing this a little bit, we are starting the second month of the year and a lot of things can happen, so this is a very early date to decide on.

As far as what we can do for you, we can use this for the New Year to give you some tips when you analyze the new time and day. This way you can check your social network and know the inflow by month.

Here are some tips you can take:

Follow the trends: Day after day new trends and new hashtags come up that you can use in your publications. Especially # 2019 which takes you to the most current situation this year.

Weekly Plan: Take the month of February as a test and create a specific and varied schedule for each week, establish which week was most active at the end of the month and then use the other schedule as a reference.

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