Significance Of Essay Writing In English For Kids

Before we explore the importance of writing essays in English, it is important to understand what does an essay comprises? An essay is a brief write-up or description that talks about a particular topic.

For example, when we are told to write an essay on school, we write about all the points about the place, why we go to school, our school building, teachers, classmates, etc.

Kids should be encouraged to practice essay writing in English during the formative years of their life. Children can write simple essays on my family, my school, my best friend, favorite animal, etc. to describe the subject in lucid terms.

Essay writing as a practice is not limited to school students of primary or higher classes anymore. Competitive examinations also observe essay writing in English or Hindi as a qualifying round to crack the exam.

Due to this reason, essays are considered crucial as it tests the writing prowess as well as the knowledge of the candidate on the given subject or topic. Here we present to you a few useful reasons why essay writing in English is considered of prime importance for students of different levels. Let’s have a look at it:

Why is Essay Writing Considered Important for Kids?

1.      Boosts their writing capacity

Writing an essay offers ample opportunities for the person to explore their writing prowess. When kids are asked to write an essay, they slowly adapt to learning new words and become proficient in using those words in their essays in a due course of time.

2.    Promotes effective communication

Children have tender minds and when asked to draft an essay, they try to convey their thoughts and feelings in simple terms. They are able to share their views about a given topic and express their understanding of the topic effectively. Writing essays on simple topics allows them to express their thoughts in a simple manner.

3.    Enhances creative thinking

Drafting an essay is not an easy task. While writing a few lines, a person needs to deep-dive into the topic, research about it and have an in-depth understanding of the subject. Writing essays on a variety of topics boosts the thinking power of kids and widens their mental horizon.

4.    Boosts research skills

Before writing an essay, it is essential for kids to understand the topic thoroughly. A better understanding can be achieved only when they research about the given topic.

However, research skills tend to improve with time and practice. When kids develop an understanding of how they can find the relevant information, they usually know how to structure their essay with all the key points.

5.     Polishes vocabulary and sharpens content delivery

Writing a good essay using proper sentences and punctuation are very crucial to convey the understanding of the person on the given topic. Kids should be made to write simple essays such as my family, my school, my parents, cow essay, etc. so that they are able to express their views about the topic in lucid terms. Hence, essay writing in English boosts the linguistic skills of kids too.

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