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How to activate the ‘Iron up’ function on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular and currently used social network worldwide with more than 1,000 million users accessing their accounts across the globe to share all kinds of content through their conventional publications, live broadcasts, and popular Instagram stories. This time we will explain what you need to know if what you want is to know how to iron up on Instagram.

Its great usability has made it the preferred social network for all kinds of people, especially younger people. The social platform, which is owned by Facebook, has a number of very interesting features, including the feature called ” Iron Up “, which in Spanish accounts can be translated as ” Iron Up “, which is used to promote content on the social network through stories where a link can be included, so when a user scrolls from the bottom up, the application browser itself opens automatically and goes to that link.

The big problem with this feature, which has a great deal of advertising and promotional potential, is that it can only be used by some users as usage is restricted from Instagram. Currently, only those who have an account can use it  with more than 10,000 followers .if  you can buy Instagram followers Active . At first it seemed like a strategy to prevent users from abusing the service, but now, two years after

While it currently does not appear that the company directed by Mark Zuckerberg will adopt any action in this regard, we’ll show you below how to enable the ‘Iron Up’ feature on Instagram if you’re one of the people who have more than 10,000 followers on their profile of the well-known social network.

What is ironed out on Instagram

The ability to redirect your user community from  Instagram to other digital spaces, whether within the same social network or to other sites, yours, or other brands or companies that you may be promoting, is a really useful and interesting feature.

The links that appear in  Instagram Stories and that they tell us to “slide up” to access this content give us great opportunities in this regard, as they are a perfect strategy for generating traffic to websites or any other accessible site through a link.

Through Swi pe Up Instagram  We have this option, so it is important that you know in detail what it is, how to activate it in your account and how you can use it.

First of all, it’s important to know that you can access it if you have a  verified account or company  profile with more than 10,000 instagram followers , a feature that allows you to add a link to your stories, which you can direct your followers to, among other things, blog articles, web pages or promotional measures.

Leave «Link in the cinema» aside

With this functionality, you can avoid the usual “link in bio” or “link in bio”, to be able to start generating content that leads directly to the destination that really interests you. Therefore, it  knows how to put ironing on instagram It is important for any business or brand and it can give you great benefits.

If you talk very well with someone about a product or service, but to access it, they need to search for it alone, which means leaving Instagram and going to the search engine; or even having to go to your profile to click on the link to your biography; it is very likely that this person will give up or be halfway from doing so as there are various distracting elements that can be found in the application itself before they reach what really interested them.

This means losing the opportunity to close a sale or a conversion, so that translates into  financial losses    , it is possible to increase the chances that this sale will be achieved significantly.

By putting the user so much on the tray that he gets access to the product or service within reach of just pushing his finger up, it means that it is much more comfortable for the user, which will make it much more likely, that he decides to consult it at the exact moment, and not postpone it to another time. Thus, this feature has  great efficiency in sales.

How to iron up on Instagram

If you are looking for the way to know how to swipe up on instagram  you need to go to the story section and to activate it just access the screen for which you can click the camera icon that appears at the top left of Instagram screen or by sliding to the right.

Once inside the Instagram Stories camera function,  create content  that you want to publish, be it a photograph, a video or any other creation in the form of text, music, rewind, focus, live video, hands-free …

How to create your story with Iron Up

Once you have created your content at the top of the screen, you will see a  link icon so you can add the URL to any web page in your story, thus enabling any user viewing your Instagram Stories to access that link by simply stroking up on that story.

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