Inpatient Therapy Is An Essential Part of Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Some patients might prefer outpatient therapy and treatments. Outpatient therapy can certainly be an effective option when it comes to treating numerous mental health conditions. However, some patients will still require inpatient treatments. Getting outpatient therapy won’t work for the early substance use patients who are detoxing from those substances. 

Detox Supervision

Substance use disorder patients will only typically need inpatient therapy for a brief time period. Some people may have successfully removed the toxins from their bodies in under a week. 

Other patients may need more than a week, but detoxing itself won’t usually last for much longer than half a month when safe treatments are used. People may continue to need inpatient therapy after that point, but they won’t be specifically experiencing detoxing symptoms. 

Depending on the exact substance involved and the extent of the patient’s dependency, patients may risk their lives if they attempt to carry out a complete drug detox without full inpatient professional assistance. It’s often quite challenging for patients to begin recovering from most mental health disorders on their own. The consequences of trying to do so when a process like detoxing is involved can be absolutely catastrophic.

Effective Motivation

Some patients also might struggle with motivating themselves to complete the substance detox procedure on their own. Breaking even non-addictive habits is often tricky. 

When truly addictive substances are involved, even naturally conscientious patients may struggle with trying to even alter their use patterns. Patients who have gone without a dose of their preferred substance for as little as twelve hours might already begin feeling the effects of substance withdrawal.

Without a sufficiently controlled environment, too many patients will decide to get temporary relief from the substance withdrawal symptoms by taking a dose of the substance itself. It’s a recurring behavioral pattern for many of the individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. 

Substance dependencies have a powerful chemical component and not just an emotional one, and even those two aspects are connected. Individuals need to have the largest chemical aspects of substance addiction treated before they can begin to address the more emotional aspects. 

Centers like have helped people in both ways, since both faces of substance use disorders are significant. Patients who are trying to predict what inpatient therapy will be like for them should take into account the effects of the specific drugs that they’ve had, and how the body tends to eliminate those chemicals. 

Different Substances

Substance use patients who have started detoxing from heroin will start to experience at least some marked withdrawal symptoms within the first twelve hours after their final heroin dose. Some patients might start to feel these symptoms very rapidly. 

However, the most immediate symptoms associated with heroin withdrawal are not usually the most significant ones. The withdrawal symptoms will typically become more severe throughout the second day of heroin detox. Once it’s been a full two days, patients may notice that the symptoms are starting to become easier to tolerate both emotionally and physically. 

The heroin withdrawal process may gradually progress at somewhat different rates for every patient, but many of these stages still follow moderately predictable patterns. Patients who have had substances that are very chemically different will experience drug detoxes just as differently. 

Still, the fact that detoxing itself doesn’t always last for an especially large amount of time might help reassure some patients. Treatment will make the drug detox process shorter than it would have been otherwise, and not just safer. Moving onto the next phase of addictive substance recovery might be possible relatively quickly for some patients. 

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