Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools are a central cog of a successful SEO Strategy and SEMRush has been one of the best SEO Tools since 2008.

The great suite of SEO, Link Building, and Digital Marketing tools that SEMRush offers is amazing.

No wonder SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO Tools in the world and a report by Backlinko showed that the company has over 471,000 subscribers.

SEMRush Alternatives that actually offer something worth making the move worthwhile are limited.

If you’re looking for SEO Tools like SEMRush, you’re at the right resource.

Reasons why Freelancers and Agencies are looking for Alternatives to SEO Tools like SEMRush

SEMRush comes with a really big price tag.

SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 because of expensive pricing

In simple terms, SEMRush is not affordable which makes Freelancers and Digital Agencies look for Alternatives to SEMRush.

And trust us, it’s not an easy task filtering the good from the bad.

Based on our extensive personal use of different SEO Tools and dedicated reviews of specific products, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of 7 Best SEO tools like SEMRush.

What are the Best SEO Tools like SEMRush

There are hundreds of tools that claim to be the best SEO tool as an SEMRush Alternative.

Most of these tools are half decent but are they really worth of being compared in the same league as SEMRush?

So, to facilitate your decision making process, we’ve curated a list of 7 Best SEO Tools like SEMRush.

Ahrefs is our favorite SEMRush Alternative

Ahrefs is number one on our list of best SEO tools like SEMRush, owing to its deep analytics and frequent updates.

Apart from impressive features, Ahrefs facilitates its users with an expert SEO community on Facebook and marketing tutorials.

This is an important factor when it comes to the SEMRush vs Ahrefs comparison.

Ahrefs Top Features

  • Comparing historical data

Through Ahrefs, it’s possible to specify an exact date when working with historical data.

This enables online businesses to be it SaaS, eCommerce, or Services firms for a handful of actionable use cases.

The most important of these use cases is access to organic keyword reports to see how ranking fluctuations have affected search over time.

As an example, going up three positions for the focus keyword “affiliate marketing” brought more than ~3000 additional search visits in a matter of three months.

Ahrefs Historical Data top Features
  • Assess your competitors top performing pages globally

While the Top Pages report is not a feature that is specifically unique to Ahrefs but what’s unique is that Ahrefs allows top pages for all countries.

Many of the best SEMRush Alternatives have either data for only one country or hide the complete data behind an additional paywall.

  • Compare backlink growth or decline over time

Ahrefs is investing in web crawling technology and infrastructure, Ahrefs is on our list of best SEMRush alternatives because this is the only tool that can update referring domain graphs daily.

  • See Subfolder Level Organic Traffic for your competition

The Ahrefs Site Structure report helps you understand a competitor’s website structure in a format without you having the need to run a separate crawl.

With this Ahrefs feature you can analyze their top level folders and assess which generates the most organic search traffic.

Ahrefs Pricing

You can buy Ahrefs Lite Plan for $99 per month which provides to a basic set of paid feature options. With a yearly plan you get 2 months free of Ahrefs.

Our Value for Money Alternative to SEMRush is SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the best Value for Money (VFM) Alternatives to SEMRush.

It has a whole host of features including keyword performance, SEO Audits, backlink audits, and even allows you to check the competitor’s marketing activities.

You can assess the efficacy and user trust for SE Ranking based on the 400,000+ users for the SEO Tool.

SE Ranking Top Features

  • Easy to Setup

Even if you’re an SEO Beginner or an Expert you’ll be glad to know it’s a really easy SE Ranking tool.

When you signup for SE Ranking the platform will walk you through the five-step process.

The process entails the user adding your website’s basic information, selecting keywords you want to focus on, and selecting your country and search engine preferences.

As a next step, you can select up to five competitors to monitor and connect with an analytics service like Google Analytics to provide users with a complete picture of where your traffic is originating from.

  • Keyword Rank Tracker

The SE Ranking feature gives you the real-time ranking positions for keywords you want to track on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex both on Mobile and Desktop.

As one of the top VFM SEMRush alternatives, SE Ranking allows you to track rankings by region, city, and country level.

As part of the Keyword Rank Tracker, you can:

  • Average Position
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Search Visibility
  • SERP Features
  • % in Top 10 SERP Results
  • SEO Competitive Research

Uncover the right search terms and keywords for your SEO Campaigns with the Competitive Research tool in SE Ranking.

Simply enter a competitor’s domain and you’ll get a ton of high-level information with options to drill down further into really detailed reports.

As you scroll down you see more tables and graphs to help you analyze keywords, competitors, top pages, and subdomains in organic search.

  • Keyword Research

This component of the SE Ranking allows you to enter a keyword and get its keyword difficulty score, cost per click, and monthly search volume.

In addition to this, you can see a list of similar, related, and low-search volume keywords.

  • Website Audit

The Website Audit shows how well your website is optimized for search engines and whether there are any errors that need fixing.

For any SEO tool to be featured as a top SEMRush Alternative it’s essential that it provides an in-depth SEO Audit capability.

The good thing SE Ranking facilitates with over 70 checked website parameters.

  • Backlink Management

SE Ranking provides two features to facilitate backlink management.

A. Backlink Monitoring: Discover, Monitor, and Control all your backlinks

B. Backlink Checker: Find all the backlinks for any domain, including all your competitors. Use that data and build relevant backlinks for your own website and see your SEO Traffic grow within 6 months.

All backlinks are analyzed against 15 different parameters.

  • Additional SE Ranking Features

In addition to the above SE Ranking feature, there are multiple other options within the platform which make SE Ranking an ideal SEO Tool like SEMRush.

A. Page Changes Monitoring: This notifies you about changes in your competitor’s organic search results and performance. You can understand what are they doing better than your website at a given time and make alterations in your strategy to ensure your organic visibility continues to grow versus the competition.

B. On-Page SEO Checker: Let SE Ranking audit a published page and assess for gaps from an On-Page perspective.

C. Content Editor with AI Writer: SE Ranking’s Content Editor facilitates content writing for articles and landing pages with its intuitive feature set that gives suggestions on how to structure the respective page.

SimilarWeb – Premium SEO Tool like SEMRush

SimilarWeb like SEMRush was established more than a decade back in 2007.

The company has a suite of analytics solutions that users utilize to improve their SEO, SEM, and overall digital marketing campaigns.

SimilarWeb creates multidimensional data sets that comprise its market intelligence based on a panel of web users that are more than hundreds of millions, web crawlers, external providers, and public data sources.

Businesses use SimilarWeb to obtain insights into customer behavior, access competitor data, and conduct market research.

SimilarWeb Features

The dashboard comprises nine dashboards covering pretty much every aspect of a website’s performance.

These dashboards are set up in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format that facilitates comparing one website or app with the other.

  • Website Overview
  • Geography
  • Referring Websites
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic and Metrics
  • Display Advertising
  • Audience
  • Similar Websites to the one your searching
  • Mobile Apps

Mobile App Analysis Feature within SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb has in-depth app analysis capabilities.

Companies with mobile apps can take advantage of these intricate metrics to assess how they are performing with other players in the market and specific target audiences.

App Analysis with SimilarWeb comprises of:

  • Engagement Metrics
  • Store Page Analysis
  • High Visual Interface
  • Reliable Data

SimilarWeb can be used to estimate the size and performance of a business with great accuracy, making this a tool like SEMRush providing data sources for research and optimization.

Any good marketer needs data to back up their strategy to grow a business. SimilarWeb is a SEMRush alternative that provides insights including traffic-generating keyphrases, referral opportunities, and network performance.

Through SimilarWeb Marketers can get an overview of their competitor’s traffic and engagement levels across marketing channels.

It’s a great way to find ways to grow your business.

Through the competitor analysis, you’ll be able to analyze and understand which channels are working for your competition and which platforms and channels you need to focus on for a successful implementation.

As one of the best SEMRush Alternatives, SimilarWeb allows you to filter keywords based on metrics like search volume, click rate, competitor data, and much more.

  • SimilarWeb gives you the ability to see your competitor’s traffic sources.
  • If you’re interested in seeing whose the largest player in your space is and understanding their respective sizes.
  • You can even assess granular details like referral sources.
  • With SimilarWeb you can get access to a host of features including device attribution and sharing of traffic.

Concluding Remarks about Tools like SEMRush

For any successful marketing strategy in 2023, you definitely need the right SEO Tools.

There are over 390+ SEO Tools as of today and it’s difficult to decide which one is the best software for your business.

We’ve collected the 3 Best Tools like SEMRush for 2023 and our overall verdict is if you don’t have budget constraints then the best option is Ahrefs as a SEMRush Alternative.

Research Process: We spent over 48 hours going through the features of over a dozen SEO Software Solutions and compared each versus SEMRush itself.


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